sábado, 3 de setembro de 2016

Wow im still alive n well (mostly) lol

Hello people... So i dont know why but i wanna write in english here, n sorry if something is written strange, because im using my phone lol
Yes i am alive n well, surviving this world with many things happening n just like Dory (from finding nemo/dory) says: just keep swimming swimming swimming

Someone said i should keep posting here n for some reason maybe i will

Lets see, my last post was in 2014, so much has happened in 2 years, darn it, i mean it, so much, so like Jack, lets do this in parts...

2014, awesome year, had my wedding party (after 2years that i was already married), we had the worse winter up in michigan, holy cow it was cold,... But like always, summer was hot lol

We decided to get a baby.. Not a human one lol.. We got Lily, the cutest dog everrrrrr, not kidding, the cuttest lol ill post pics one day (im on the phone remember)

We also moved into my mammas house for about 9 months, yeap crazy, but it was good, because we were going through hard times about money n saving some while there was pretty good.,,,

Well that was it for that year... Pretty straightforward year... Lots happening, but it was a long time ago lol... N lets not forget, lots of studying, because apparently thats my story of life, study my butt off

Next time ill tell all the goooood stuff that happened last year, n there were many

Byebye people (hopefully I'm not just writting for nobody to read lol

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