segunda-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2010

e quer saber....

cansei de postar aq....

oh yeah im tired to write here...

to be honest... i dont have more myspace, i dont wanna use orkut more, facebook is nice (for now huahua i dont know for how long huahua)

but i'll try to continue here, n ill be online veryyy sooon on au pair care.. to find a family for my second year

ok bye people

segunda-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2010

metas de 2010

-axar uma otima familia

-perder 40 pounds

-aproveitar bemmm o tempo livre com pessoas q eu gosto

-juntar 90%do meu dindin pra faculdade

-passar com uma boa nota no toefl

-conseguir entrar numa boa college e nao tao cara

-conseguir q o meu sogro consiga gostar mais de mim e ter confianca em mim, sem puxar saco

seeeee i dont want a lot things huahuahua


sorry to take a long time to put this here huaha im sooo lazy now huha

ahh 1 week to miami, me n my love there for 1 week

domingo, 3 de janeiro de 2010

apc girls i need help

Yeah girls, after all that i helped many girls in rematch huahahu its my time to ask for help..
im not in rematch BUT my first year here will finish in Feb 22 n I need a family... i'll be online in about 2 weeks, but my problem is not find a family... is find a family HERE IN MD, DC or VA... now is not difficult to think why i want a family near here.... reason name is Harold huahuauh, (love u baby) yeah people im dont like sooo much my area here in md, but i love more my bf n i realllllly wanna stay close to him, i dont care if im going to live 1h or almost 2h away from his home... because this is better than CA or BRASIL huuha

now everybody asking (i know huahu) why u dont stay with ur host family, we dont like each other (i know this, n i think they still read here), yeah we for a long time r not more like my first or second month here... n they want a new girl every year n from different place...

So... tkx a lot people... if somebody can help ill be veryyyy happy

love u all