segunda-feira, 29 de março de 2010

what a weekend

Oh yeah... what a weekend ... soooo many things happened....

First of all... was the kids first bday... omgggggg soooo cute... special because was their first cupcake, first party, first everything... every time i looked in their faces i could see that their face was happy with the news things...

I gave to them a lot gifts, Disney things, clothes, clothes for swim (i forgot the name kkk), card telling them happy bday.... they loveddddd..

Because of the party, i worked a lot, what is ok n normal, but after the party ends, was so nice my host parents tell me.. tkx carol for everything ahhh they r soo cute

Oh sunday... me and my friend Aretha (ex au pair here near my house) we went to Downtown LA... Brazilian girls.... this is like our "cameloh" you know... cheap n fake things lol.... she got a purse that supposed to be veryyyy expensive for just $30 lol i love this...

Today I asked my new LCC if i could do the TOEFL course in NY, the one that is one weekend n i can get 3 credits, and she said that is ok if my host family think is ok... n already asked my host mom n she said that is supppper ok (ok that im gonna use 2 days from my vacation for the course lol)

Now im thinking about my vacation and i dont have idea what am I gonna do lol n go lol.... maybe come back to Ocean city in MD with my bf, maybe Niagara Falls n other places,.... who knows!? lol

n thats it
Have a great day/night alll


segunda-feira, 22 de março de 2010


Oh yes... Malibu is nice like we always see on movies, but nothing more.. is not big, is not beautiful... if u go to one part of the town is just with bigggggg houses, the rich n famous people.. if u go to the other side of the town omgggg is ugly n like we say in brazil, no salt no sugar lol.... the water us coldddd ok that we r on first spring week n is the pacific ocean... but water is coldddd... just spanish people ahhh me n my friends saw same people from India too lol...

but is a nice place to go, if u r in group n just girls n alllll w/o bf have a part from the town that just have young boys, from the university (have one there lol) n i dont understand how they were surfing in that cold water huahuah

is this... this weekend kids first bday soooo ill work n a lot
BUTTT its ok

terça-feira, 16 de março de 2010

lazyyyy me

yeap im soooo lazy that im lazy to write here.... everything happening around me n im lazy to come here n tell

my bday was 2 weeks ago n tkx people .... here was sooooo perfect.... a lottttt gifts, people that really care about me =) what makes me realllly happy

my kids: soooo cute n im sooo happy, because my baby girl started walking w/o any help yay... goooo girl lol.... my baby boy is the most cute thing in this world... i wast wanna hug him lol

host family: so far... perfect... they care about me, if im ok if im not.... happy, boyfriend sick or not hauhahu.... n other things....

last weekend i went to MD to see my bf... after 2h waiting for my delayed flight n 5h inside the plane i went there n stayed the alllll weekend with him... with a lottt brazilian things.. we went to the brazilian restaurant, brazilian store lol... i had a CAIPIRINHA... yesss. with just 20 years old i was drinking caipirinha i loveeeeeee this huahauh.... on sunday after 1h waiting in WI, again my flight was delayed... i stopped here in LAX... butttttt with the delay, i lost the suttle n needed to wait 1h to the next... omg n on next day start working at 7 lol.... but im coollll like that huahua n really ok

this weekend ill go out with my friend Giada (from Italy) n Sulene (south africa) n we will see this biggg LA area


sexta-feira, 5 de março de 2010

happy 20 year old carol

yesss me... today is my bday yayyy nooo im not that happy, im old now , BUTTT this is the life lol

desde ontem a tarde o pessoal do brasil ja estavam mandando os parabens e eu me sinto estranha com isso huahuah mais eu sobrevivo

dai hj acordo abro a porta do quarto eeeeee

vejo um balao de happy bday, flores, e um cartao lindinho, abro e tem um gift card do starbucks e do netflix, ahhh 6 meses de uso la e sem pagar adooooooro minha familia uahah

bom eh isso... to aqui adorando tudo, vou daqui a pouco sair pra comer frozen yogurt kkkkk ficar na casa de bobeira pq eu to off hoje e amanha e nao tenho oque fazer e to com preguica hahauhh