segunda-feira, 29 de março de 2010

what a weekend

Oh yeah... what a weekend ... soooo many things happened....

First of all... was the kids first bday... omgggggg soooo cute... special because was their first cupcake, first party, first everything... every time i looked in their faces i could see that their face was happy with the news things...

I gave to them a lot gifts, Disney things, clothes, clothes for swim (i forgot the name kkk), card telling them happy bday.... they loveddddd..

Because of the party, i worked a lot, what is ok n normal, but after the party ends, was so nice my host parents tell me.. tkx carol for everything ahhh they r soo cute

Oh sunday... me and my friend Aretha (ex au pair here near my house) we went to Downtown LA... Brazilian girls.... this is like our "cameloh" you know... cheap n fake things lol.... she got a purse that supposed to be veryyyy expensive for just $30 lol i love this...

Today I asked my new LCC if i could do the TOEFL course in NY, the one that is one weekend n i can get 3 credits, and she said that is ok if my host family think is ok... n already asked my host mom n she said that is supppper ok (ok that im gonna use 2 days from my vacation for the course lol)

Now im thinking about my vacation and i dont have idea what am I gonna do lol n go lol.... maybe come back to Ocean city in MD with my bf, maybe Niagara Falls n other places,.... who knows!? lol

n thats it
Have a great day/night alll


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