segunda-feira, 22 de março de 2010


Oh yes... Malibu is nice like we always see on movies, but nothing more.. is not big, is not beautiful... if u go to one part of the town is just with bigggggg houses, the rich n famous people.. if u go to the other side of the town omgggg is ugly n like we say in brazil, no salt no sugar lol.... the water us coldddd ok that we r on first spring week n is the pacific ocean... but water is coldddd... just spanish people ahhh me n my friends saw same people from India too lol...

but is a nice place to go, if u r in group n just girls n alllll w/o bf have a part from the town that just have young boys, from the university (have one there lol) n i dont understand how they were surfing in that cold water huahuah

is this... this weekend kids first bday soooo ill work n a lot
BUTTT its ok

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dri .: disse...

Estou te seguindo! =]

hleeo3 disse...

A very beautiful picture :D Love you!

Mari Frederizi disse...

Desde qnd vc tah escrevendo posts em ingles?!
Nuss acho q faz um bom tempo q não passo por aqui heim?! hehe...

E ai?! Como esta sendo morar do outro lado do país agora?! É bom ou prefere a costa leste?! =D

Td de bom pra ti!!

Anônimo disse...

Adorei a foto..

ah, estados unidos so tem gente latino, hahahaha eh tudo que eh lugar, amiga!

ja esta aqui neste lado?