terça-feira, 16 de março de 2010

lazyyyy me

yeap im soooo lazy that im lazy to write here.... everything happening around me n im lazy to come here n tell

my bday was 2 weeks ago n tkx people .... here was sooooo perfect.... a lottttt gifts, people that really care about me =) what makes me realllly happy

my kids: soooo cute n im sooo happy, because my baby girl started walking w/o any help yay... goooo girl lol.... my baby boy is the most cute thing in this world... i wast wanna hug him lol

host family: so far... perfect... they care about me, if im ok if im not.... happy, boyfriend sick or not hauhahu.... n other things....

last weekend i went to MD to see my bf... after 2h waiting for my delayed flight n 5h inside the plane i went there n stayed the alllll weekend with him... with a lottt brazilian things.. we went to the brazilian restaurant, brazilian store lol... i had a CAIPIRINHA... yesss. with just 20 years old i was drinking caipirinha i loveeeeeee this huahauh.... on sunday after 1h waiting in WI, again my flight was delayed... i stopped here in LAX... butttttt with the delay, i lost the suttle n needed to wait 1h to the next... omg n on next day start working at 7 lol.... but im coollll like that huahua n really ok

this weekend ill go out with my friend Giada (from Italy) n Sulene (south africa) n we will see this biggg LA area


2 comentários:

Andrea disse...

Dont be lazy to write over here!!!
Its so nice when I come here to see your news!!
Enjoy your time in California!
hugs and kisses!!

Fê Castro disse...

Blahhhh queria ter te visto!!! Promete que da próxima vez~não passa????? rssss
Pior que sabado eu fui la nas lojas brasileiras!
Em qual restaurate vc foi?