segunda-feira, 28 de junho de 2010

backstreet boys concert

yay girls n boys.... yesterday (june 26) backstreet boys went to LA... yayyyyy n me n glaucia of coursssssssse we went to see them

omg 4 cute guys singing for soooo many girls uhaahahhuh

luck ones that were in from of them auuhhauh

but for somebody that paid just $20, we were in a good place kkkk

it was sooooo nice listen the old songs, because the new ones forget it because i wont know the songs uhauhauha....

i almost cried when they started singing Incomplete, but listen the song without kevin was really strange... i loveee this music... since the first time that i heard this song in 2005...

well.. the concert was in Universal city so me n glaucia took a lot pics from there n we didnt need to pay to go there just to take the picshuauhahaahh

well is this.. ahhh im here in LA for 4 months.. omg.. the time is going soo fastttttttt huaaha


quarta-feira, 23 de junho de 2010

be happy

Yeap... like the name says... be happy...

this is my friend glau.. heey glau say hi kkk.. she is my partner here kkkkk in a good way, she is the one that if u ask where is carol, u can say that is with her, n if u ask where is glau is with me kkkk

last weekend we went to a nighclub here yayyyy how i misssssed that... im the kind of girl that used to go almost all weekends to a club (in brasil) now because of my age n no car, i cant go =s..

the club was nice... level 3 is the name.. n is right there on the heart of hollywood... btw the mall that is in hollywood have 2 clubs...

well was glaucia first time in an AMERICAN club kkk n was so funny see her face... "omg they do this!? and that?" hahau, because all the au pairs know that here the club is totally different from the clubs in brasil, here the girls (omg kkk) dance like they r doing sex (but they dont kiss) n the guys (poor guys), the guys things stay a little crazy kkkk... n in brasil we just want to have fun... like the song.. girls just wanna have fun lol...

but like i was saying.. club was nice... for sure that ill come back there

well thats it.... ahhh next saturday we r going to ......
Backstreet boys concert yay
baby sorry but i need to say... omg see that cute guys singing is going to be awesome kkkk

see yah

terça-feira, 15 de junho de 2010

longgg n nice weekend

What a weekend... n u wanna know..i loved

me n host family went to disney, was the first time that my babies went to disney n was sooo nice see their faces (soo cute) looking everything around or see my baby girl face when she saw minie omgggggg sooo cute

yesterday (sunday) me n Glaucia (my friend) went to hollywood.. first we wanted to madame tussauds because i have some free tickets, but when we got there... omg ... i forgot the tickets in the house hahauhuah n we wont spend almost $40 to go there if i have the tickets huahuha... ok neh, we will go next sunday after brasil game (goooo brasil kkk).. n we did the tour around la area n was nice.. i saw the Hollywood sign n took some pics that i dont have with me yet lol...

well was pretty much this... but i need to stop now... im tired because last night i just slept for 3h lol

have a great day everybody

domingo, 6 de junho de 2010

changes n secrets

first... yeap i changed the layout, my old one was the same from just 2 years hauhah i was tired to see alll the time that black blog lol so i changed n is kind of cute lol

ok about the post.. do u have a secret that u cant tell, not even for a black hole... this is myproblem.. i have one, but i cant tell n i hate keep my secrets lol i like to tell them to my friends, my friends secrets i can keep it lol.... its diffffficult lol

but changing the idea lol.... my vacation is coming... yay... 1 week camping with my love, is going to be nice, just us, no parents, no work, just relaxing lol n maybe one of our friends will go too but on our last day there lol

Last week me n some friends, went to Six Flags, water park, and omg was sooooo nice, was a hot sunday last sunday so we were thinking, y not to go there... n the best part was the kids area lol sooo much fun lol...

now let me go, because is a nice day n i wanna go to the pool lol
xoxo n see yah