segunda-feira, 28 de junho de 2010

backstreet boys concert

yay girls n boys.... yesterday (june 26) backstreet boys went to LA... yayyyyy n me n glaucia of coursssssssse we went to see them

omg 4 cute guys singing for soooo many girls uhaahahhuh

luck ones that were in from of them auuhhauh

but for somebody that paid just $20, we were in a good place kkkk

it was sooooo nice listen the old songs, because the new ones forget it because i wont know the songs uhauhauha....

i almost cried when they started singing Incomplete, but listen the song without kevin was really strange... i loveee this music... since the first time that i heard this song in 2005...

well.. the concert was in Universal city so me n glaucia took a lot pics from there n we didnt need to pay to go there just to take the picshuauhahaahh

well is this.. ahhh im here in LA for 4 months.. omg.. the time is going soo fastttttttt huaaha


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Michelle De Simone disse...

q emoçã me deu uma idéia do q fazer qdo eu estiver por aí segueee!!