domingo, 6 de junho de 2010

changes n secrets

first... yeap i changed the layout, my old one was the same from just 2 years hauhah i was tired to see alll the time that black blog lol so i changed n is kind of cute lol

ok about the post.. do u have a secret that u cant tell, not even for a black hole... this is myproblem.. i have one, but i cant tell n i hate keep my secrets lol i like to tell them to my friends, my friends secrets i can keep it lol.... its diffffficult lol

but changing the idea lol.... my vacation is coming... yay... 1 week camping with my love, is going to be nice, just us, no parents, no work, just relaxing lol n maybe one of our friends will go too but on our last day there lol

Last week me n some friends, went to Six Flags, water park, and omg was sooooo nice, was a hot sunday last sunday so we were thinking, y not to go there... n the best part was the kids area lol sooo much fun lol...

now let me go, because is a nice day n i wanna go to the pool lol
xoxo n see yah

3 comentários:

Thalita Carmo disse...

como vai?!
Ns mto tempo q n passo ali ... to por fora das suas news ahahah!

adoro seus posts! bjaoooooooo

luandinha =) disse...

aaaamo six flags haha
gostei do template :)

Fê Castro disse...

eeee só pra vc não ficar triste, vim aqui comentar! haha Não posso deixar minha afilhada triste
E o seu segredo pelo visto nao é mais tão segredo assim, né???
Eeeee só pra falar de novo q to muito feliz por vc! =)
beijo beijo beijo