quarta-feira, 23 de junho de 2010

be happy

Yeap... like the name says... be happy...

this is my friend glau.. heey glau say hi kkk.. she is my partner here kkkkk in a good way, she is the one that if u ask where is carol, u can say that is with her, n if u ask where is glau is with me kkkk

last weekend we went to a nighclub here yayyyy how i misssssed that... im the kind of girl that used to go almost all weekends to a club (in brasil) now because of my age n no car, i cant go =s..

the club was nice... level 3 is the name.. n is right there on the heart of hollywood... btw the mall that is in hollywood have 2 clubs...

well was glaucia first time in an AMERICAN club kkk n was so funny see her face... "omg they do this!? and that?" hahau, because all the au pairs know that here the club is totally different from the clubs in brasil, here the girls (omg kkk) dance like they r doing sex (but they dont kiss) n the guys (poor guys), the guys things stay a little crazy kkkk... n in brasil we just want to have fun... like the song.. girls just wanna have fun lol...

but like i was saying.. club was nice... for sure that ill come back there

well thats it.... ahhh next saturday we r going to ......
Backstreet boys concert yay
baby sorry but i need to say... omg see that cute guys singing is going to be awesome kkkk

see yah

2 comentários:

Ana Carolina disse...

Aiii, que massa.. vc eh amiga da Glau.. =)
tô te seguindo.. bjooos

Fê Castro disse...

ahhhh vc esqueceu de falar que foi a sua madrinha queria que te apresentou ela....hahaha
Aiii que orgulho ver vcs duas juntas e se dando tão bem hahaha Beijooooooo