domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2010

my second year

ohhh yeah people... my second year here in USA started and in a good way....

yes im in california
yes im with my boyfriend
yes im happy

n nothing more matters hauhah

i loveeeee this place, LA area is soooo beautiful, a lot people, everything is near the house, the only that is far is my bf BUTT ill survive

my bday is coming n like last year... will be away from my family, but will be good n ok in the same way

ok i dont wanna type a lot BECAUSE im tired.... my body stilllll is in the other time zone huahuahu


quarta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2010

and lets the second year start

ohhh yeah people.... im almost done with my first year here in usa, and im going to stay here in usa for one more year (as an au pair kkk) BUT im going to California people... yeahhh this is my dream since I was a kid lol...
2 kids, 1 year.... in LA, with everythinggggg near, school metro restaurant mall post office,
the family is perfect huhauha i already love my host mom n dad n kids hahuahu.... i cant explain but i love them huahah

ill stay with my bf YES... im coming here every month to stay with him, what should i do, i love him lol

yeap its this.. huaha im not in a mood to write here
xoxo bye