domingo, 25 de julho de 2010

real quick

here i am/.... packing again.... all the kids things n i already had to stop because i need my host mom help kkkkkk

omg soooo many things... but finally everything is going to the right bag n right place so is much better now

now.... here i am... i was tired n hungry so lets do a small pizza for me... n when i was going to put the pizza on oven.. what happen?....... i just burned 2 fingers.... hoooooolllllyyyy shittttt it hurts.... so yes im calling the night n no more cooking or packing or computer.... ill eat, clean bottles n relax hauhau..

tomorrow ill help my host family n thats it.... monday we will be on our way to have our vacation (even me kkkk)


segunda-feira, 19 de julho de 2010


ohhh yeah baby... 1 week vacation n i want more... ops ill have some "vacation" in 1 week huahahu
but let me tell about the last week aauhha

saturday: july 10, me, carol, yeah me..... i was working the alllll day, not saying anything bad about it... i was happy... because that was the day that started my vacations that night i was on my way to the cute n crazy airport LAX once more kkkk... 4h later or 5 ... i dont know more... there i was... in Maryland, or better at the BWI airport.. the good thing was... i slept on the plane... finally... because i normally dont...

sunday: shopping, yes, we (me n my baby) needed to buy food, because we were on our way to 5 days camping, soooo yeah we needed a lot food. So, buy food, clean things, put on car n say byebye see u all in 5 days... on road omg i almost had a heart attach... i saw one of my favorite places to eat... Sonic.. is like a McDonald, BUT better...

during the week: there was soo nice, we stay in one of the cabins... if u dont have a tent, stay at the cabins, much better n have air conditioning so in hot days u wont die kkk... omg there have the biggest mosquitoes ever. i have all the possibles red spots kkkk n it hurts lol... we did some kayaking, n let me say something, my arms r still hurting, it was fun, but hurts ... ahh other thing to see when u go camping, see if the bathroom is near, holy shit, it was far, so we needed to walk (during the night drive kkk)... well alot things happened there but no details lol.... i just can say that was niceeee n the place is sooo cool.

friday: byebye camping n hello Ocean city.. for just 3h kkkk.... yeah we tired to stay there more time kkk so OC was just to get a tan... n come back to DC area...

weekend: cool like always, cool but not cold.... holy shit again, MD was sooo hot... everything happened this weekend, since: got a room that smells funny on the hotel, to be really scared about a guy when we were trying to get money from the atm on 7eleven kkkk.... n finally...
sunday... like the kids tv show in brasil (teletubes) e' hora de dar tchau, e' hora de dar tchau... yeah.. is time to say bye n come back to California, was sad, specially because i couldnt kiss my baby (because with the hot day my mouth is all bad). But is not over...

on the plane: i got a good place to sit, 10F... 10 on Airtrain is right after first class, so no waiting to leave the plane after kkkk... BUT... there is carol siting so happy in her place, n suddenly came the spanish couple... n the girl... shittt ... had the worse smell ever... her perfume (or whatever was that) was soooo sweet, so bad that my head was dying kkkk...

yeah that was my week, my good vacation week, n when i got home,... what i saw in my bed....!?!??! my maroon 5 tickets ahhhhhhhh sooo happy... next monday me n my host family will go to a lake for 1 week vacation, we will stay in a nicccce place, with a lot things to do n relax.

see yah xoxo

sexta-feira, 9 de julho de 2010

estou de tpv

nao gente, nao eh tensao pre visto.. eh tensao pre vacation mesmo huahuuha

amanha (sabado) de noite comecara minhas ferias.. yay ... td arrumadinho, e pronto pra embarcar pra MD.... eu e meu more iremos acampar por 5 dias depois voltamos pra perto da casa dele e iremos curtir com festa, balada e amigos.... adorooooooo...

bom la no camping nao tera net, entao ficarei qse uma semana sem postar aqui...

wow que estranho pela primeira vez que comeco a escrever aqui em port kkkk e quer saber... nem vou mudar huaha

bejin pra todos n see yah in 1 week

terça-feira, 6 de julho de 2010

4th july

Helllllo people... this is the place that me n my host family spent the morning from 4th july... is a lake here on LA.. yes, in LA have a quiet n calm place like this... sooooooo beautiful.

After this, me n glaucia went to .... hollywood, like always kkk, finally we went to Madame Toussads, because i had the free tickets that we could use until july 22... but ill be in vacation the 2 weekends before this day n i cant go there during the week kkkk... was really nice.

Yesterday (monday) i didnt work, yay. is so nice have a day off for no reason lol.... so i went to see Eclipse, i was dying to see this movie... n omfg... i just loved, like is not everything like on the movie but yes it is realllllly good.

ahhh let me say something that happened to me this weekend
saturday i woke up at 11 am... worked n when i was going to sleep, where is the sleep.... somewhere far from me.... so i didnt sleep at all... so went to all those places on sunday.. nwhen i got home i just couldnt stand anymore.... i needed to sleep
so i took a shower n say good night to everybody... this was 6pm
i just started sleeping at the same time.... n when i got up!? 9am ... omg i sleep for 15h huauhuaha... ok that i was awake for 31h ...

so was this....