sábado, 29 de maio de 2010

yay im back lol

my computer is back to me... like a child when comes back to their mother after a long day away from house lol... wow that was deeeeep lol

almost 2 weeks without my computer, i was crazyyyyy, but im happy again so that is

last weekend was my weekend off n my love came to CA to visit me.... yay... i had the most perfect weekend everrrrr...

friday i went to the airport to see him, from there we took a 2h tour in LA... jokes a part lol... we were there in the suttle for 2h trying to go to the hotel... btw... we stayed on Days Inn Hollywood... yes was a days inn... but was soooo nice n a big room n was a reallly nice place, the metro was 2min walking

saturday we had the au pair meeting... a really LA thing... yoga on the beach... was sooo nice n windy so was a little difficult to do everything lol but was funnny... after the yoga... we went to Anaheim... if u dont know where is just think about this... DISNEY ... yayyyyyyy

we stayed at the hotel... was cheap but sooo good n the same street from disney, the hotel have pool, hot tub, n everything... was reallly nice... was the Motel 6

sunday the allllllllllll day on disney... was sooo cute but i was sad... i didnt see my princess ... i love Belle... from Beauty and the Beast .... i love her lol, ok i love the movie lol... but its ok lol.... the all park is reallly nice... we went to a lottt rides there... the most crazy, fast n funny ones...

n yes this was my 2 weeks... i hope this weekend is going to be thissss nice too


quinta-feira, 27 de maio de 2010

reallly fast

people im without my nootbook because i sent to be fixed n will come back the same way that i sent ... really bad... because i needed to pay almost $400 so nooo way at all in this world..

soon ill come back with all the news that i have

have a great day all

domingo, 9 de maio de 2010

happy mommmmy day

Yeap.. this is the way i call my mother... mommmmmmmmy... u know.. like when we r scared n we call her that way... or when u need her n she is not listening to u lol

today here (n in brasil) was mother's day... yeap yeap yeap.... my second mother's day farrrr way from my mami... yeap yeap yeap i miss her too, but i can live with this kkkkk

but lets talk about the week...
btw... first need to say... thx for the ones that send the msg... is really nice see that the people stilll read here lol... n yes ill continue writing in english... is good sometimes... the ones that have blog i would say.. try it one time... is gooood

this week (friday) i started my belly dance classes, n is on college, so credits for me lol... my first time studying in a real college... so nice see all that "kids" there hauha, and the college is so big that me n my friend got lost inside there bhuahuahau was funny

me n my kids (babies) did the gift for my host mom, was a flower that we made with paper (the good one of courseeeee) n have a pic of the family in each flower soooo cute, my host mom loved...

welll more things happened but i dont remember now, ill remember n will put in my next post!!!!

in 2 weeks my baby will come to LA yay

thats it... xoxo

segunda-feira, 3 de maio de 2010

alot to say

first happy bday to my brother... now he is 25 years old lol (he is oldddd i know huahua jk)

second... in some days will be my 6months anniversary, me n my bf together yay...

2 weekends ago,i went to MD to see my bf, was soo nice... after 2 months w/o telling him that we were going to a baseball game we saw the game.. was nice.. ok that the weather was like a bitch lol (ops sorry lol) buttttttt was nice... i had a realllly good weekend with him, and his father was kind of ok with me n in the same house lol (for the ones that doesnt know .... he doesnt like me )

last weekend... me n my host family went to South Pasadena to a picnic... for the twins club picnic... omg i never saw so many (same) faces in the same place.. alot twins there lol but was nice... the day was perfectttttt n the place is beautiful... On sunday me n my brazilian friends (no names kkk) had a brazilian day... we went to a brazilian restaurant at the mall n omg that was sooooo good, how i missed that... n i was drinking guarana yammmy

well not so much to say, because the life here is the same...
my bf is coming to LA yay, n in less than 1 month, n we will go to Disney
ahhh again

my host mom is trying to get tickets for us to go see Dancing With the Starts... yeap yeap yeap.. but is diffffficult to find them, but she will find i know lol

Have a great day people n thx everybody that still come here lol