domingo, 9 de maio de 2010

happy mommmmy day

Yeap.. this is the way i call my mother... mommmmmmmmy... u know.. like when we r scared n we call her that way... or when u need her n she is not listening to u lol

today here (n in brasil) was mother's day... yeap yeap yeap.... my second mother's day farrrr way from my mami... yeap yeap yeap i miss her too, but i can live with this kkkkk

but lets talk about the week...
btw... first need to say... thx for the ones that send the msg... is really nice see that the people stilll read here lol... n yes ill continue writing in english... is good sometimes... the ones that have blog i would say.. try it one time... is gooood

this week (friday) i started my belly dance classes, n is on college, so credits for me lol... my first time studying in a real college... so nice see all that "kids" there hauha, and the college is so big that me n my friend got lost inside there bhuahuahau was funny

me n my kids (babies) did the gift for my host mom, was a flower that we made with paper (the good one of courseeeee) n have a pic of the family in each flower soooo cute, my host mom loved...

welll more things happened but i dont remember now, ill remember n will put in my next post!!!!

in 2 weeks my baby will come to LA yay

thats it... xoxo

2 comentários:

hleeo3 disse...

11 more days ;) Love You!

luandinha =) disse...

cuuute :)
i also call mine mamy haha i can't call anything else :)