segunda-feira, 3 de maio de 2010

alot to say

first happy bday to my brother... now he is 25 years old lol (he is oldddd i know huahua jk)

second... in some days will be my 6months anniversary, me n my bf together yay...

2 weekends ago,i went to MD to see my bf, was soo nice... after 2 months w/o telling him that we were going to a baseball game we saw the game.. was nice.. ok that the weather was like a bitch lol (ops sorry lol) buttttttt was nice... i had a realllly good weekend with him, and his father was kind of ok with me n in the same house lol (for the ones that doesnt know .... he doesnt like me )

last weekend... me n my host family went to South Pasadena to a picnic... for the twins club picnic... omg i never saw so many (same) faces in the same place.. alot twins there lol but was nice... the day was perfectttttt n the place is beautiful... On sunday me n my brazilian friends (no names kkk) had a brazilian day... we went to a brazilian restaurant at the mall n omg that was sooooo good, how i missed that... n i was drinking guarana yammmy

well not so much to say, because the life here is the same...
my bf is coming to LA yay, n in less than 1 month, n we will go to Disney
ahhh again

my host mom is trying to get tickets for us to go see Dancing With the Starts... yeap yeap yeap.. but is diffffficult to find them, but she will find i know lol

Have a great day people n thx everybody that still come here lol

3 comentários:

Rinelii disse...

Oiee então era só um teste, pode deixar vou ter muito cuidado com a musica ! Ja tinha pensado nisso antes, mas não tenho a minima ideia de qual colocar ;S

Então, ela só me disse que checou todas as referencias e que vai mandar pra SP amanhã, mas não disse mais nada !

Adorei seu post em inglês, dá pra ir treinandoo ! okdokdosksodkdskdpdoksadopasdkosa

Beijo *-*

Anônimo disse...

adorooo seus posts , principalmente pq sao em ingles, dai agente treina *-* mais please, nao demnora tanto assim pra postar kkkkkk ... ninguem posta em ingles só tu ...
tdo de bom ;**

luandinha =) disse...

dancing w/ the stars é podre hahaha eu n curto!

e comida brasileira é seeempre muito bom né hehe