terça-feira, 6 de julho de 2010

4th july

Helllllo people... this is the place that me n my host family spent the morning from 4th july... is a lake here on LA.. yes, in LA have a quiet n calm place like this... sooooooo beautiful.

After this, me n glaucia went to .... hollywood, like always kkk, finally we went to Madame Toussads, because i had the free tickets that we could use until july 22... but ill be in vacation the 2 weekends before this day n i cant go there during the week kkkk... was really nice.

Yesterday (monday) i didnt work, yay. is so nice have a day off for no reason lol.... so i went to see Eclipse, i was dying to see this movie... n omfg... i just loved, like is not everything like on the movie but yes it is realllllly good.

ahhh let me say something that happened to me this weekend
saturday i woke up at 11 am... worked n when i was going to sleep, where is the sleep.... somewhere far from me.... so i didnt sleep at all... so went to all those places on sunday.. nwhen i got home i just couldnt stand anymore.... i needed to sleep
so i took a shower n say good night to everybody... this was 6pm
i just started sleeping at the same time.... n when i got up!? 9am ... omg i sleep for 15h huauhuaha... ok that i was awake for 31h ...

so was this....


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