terça-feira, 15 de junho de 2010

longgg n nice weekend

What a weekend... n u wanna know..i loved

me n host family went to disney, was the first time that my babies went to disney n was sooo nice see their faces (soo cute) looking everything around or see my baby girl face when she saw minie omgggggg sooo cute

yesterday (sunday) me n Glaucia (my friend) went to hollywood.. first we wanted to madame tussauds because i have some free tickets, but when we got there... omg ... i forgot the tickets in the house hahauhuah n we wont spend almost $40 to go there if i have the tickets huahuha... ok neh, we will go next sunday after brasil game (goooo brasil kkk).. n we did the tour around la area n was nice.. i saw the Hollywood sign n took some pics that i dont have with me yet lol...

well was pretty much this... but i need to stop now... im tired because last night i just slept for 3h lol

have a great day everybody

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Fê Castro disse...

ta mem zuando que vc tem o mesmo layout que eu!!!! hahaha
Aiiiiiiiiiiii quero ir pra Hollywood tb!!! Meu sonho!!!
Beijos afilhada linda!