sábado, 3 de abril de 2010

save money?!

Me!? omg i really want... but is diffffffficult ... but i try hauhuh...

BUTTT this weekend was with my friends....
me and my friend Aretha, went to see a movie... Dear John.. omg i have a homesick n a boyfriendsick kkkkk.... but soooooooooooooooooooo cute the movie n i wanted to see this movie since last year when i saw a little part on tv kkk....

saturday... we decided to go to Sta Barbara... there is really nice... the only special thing is... have a bigggg street.. the State Street... n there have alll the possible stores (good n not that good ones)... n the city have the university n thats it lol... but nice

sunday was Easter.. ok i miss the Easter holiday from Brazil.... the chocolate eggs, n everything... but here was nice too ...

ok im tooo lazy now to write more... but is basically this lol

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ännä disse...


First time here!! I'm following u =)
Wow... your blog is awesome... almost totally in english... congratulations!!
So... save money it's not only your difficulty... Only I know what the hell i have to do to save some money =P kinda challenging but we'll get there (hope so!)
Take care!

Andressa Bazzo disse...

Hey dear,
this is my first time at you blog, and i really like it.
I'm just starting one today, and looking for some inspiration, then i found yours.
I'll go to San Diego in june, but just to study.
I'm following you! :}
best wishes 4 u.

Andressa Bazzo disse...

vemmm mesmoo! hahahah vou adoraar a visita! :B