sexta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2009

snowww ….again =(

Yeap… will start snowing again this weekend… i do love snow BUT…

I hate when the snow changes everything I had planned

oh yeah… snow is cute, fun to play, but not in ur off weekend, not when u wanna go n spend the allllll weekend with ur bf n is difficult to see each other because will snow a lot

6 to 12 inches of snow, 30F to 19F ahhhhhh ill freeze..

this saturday suppose to be my last exam on school, but now i need to call them tomorrow at 7:30 am n see if we r going to have the exam OR not…

ahhh in 5 days ill complete 10 months here, ohhhh yeah i cant believe.. 10 long months here .. but 1 month n half with my baby….

ok i dont wanna write more, because is toooo cold n my fingers r hurting now huauhah toooooo cold..



2 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

Hey, I don't see snow yeah, I am so mad! Hahaha It is so cute you and your BF, and I need one tooo hahahaa


Liii disse...

Yeah, I think that too!
The other day I went to my "boy`s" house during the week just to watch a movie and things, but when I was leaving his house, It was past midnight, It was snowing sooo much, coming down pretty hard, so I decided not try to go home because I live up in a hill and I was sure that the plowers wouldn't have done their work yet, so I had to call my HF and let them know that I was going to go home in the morning to work. So I got to sleep with him, that was an advantage!

and wow, 10 months already??
It goes by so faaast!!

Take care