quinta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2010

random things

just random things that i wanna say here about this week

well, i finally started studying to my test, for the ones that dont know, ill do the toefl test in october so i need to study, even all my friends saying that i dont need n ill get a good score, i think i need to study, because my life depends on this test....

i can finally sleep all night.. ok that some days im not tired at all so i stay awake playing in my computer kkkk or do some exercise.... yeap im back with Zumba kkk

yesterday.. ohhh yesterday... me n my host family went to the pool together n after me n my host mom went to a sushi bar... we loooovvveee sushi, but i normally just eat californa roll ... but last night i was out of my mind huahah... i ate calirfona roll, salmon carpaccio n other things.. but the salmon wasnt good for me.. it was delicious but my stomach didnt like... so in the middle of the night i woke up smelling food (my host dad ate something with curry n the smell it realllllly makes me bad) n thats it... i got a free entrance to the bathroom kkk yeap.. throwing up all night so byebye sleep the all night kkkk

well this week is my off weekend n ill have a full crazy weekend...... friday ill see the movie the last exorcism (im waiting for this movie for months kk) saturday is disney day... is going to be my n my host mom gift to glau.. my friend... it was her bday other day.. n sunday is going to be six flags day... first it was going me n 2 friends....so other girls wants to go so maybe we will go in 2 full cars... n monday... is going to be... well if i survive... swimming day kkkkk....

thanks for all the girls n boys that r following me, i never said anything, sorry.. n for all that u all always write for me

xoxo n have a goood day

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Anônimo disse...

Hello.... I love suchi too.. but, here in BR it's very expensive for me!! cause i'm saving money to go there in december!!Have a gooooood weekend!! and sorry I think I made a lot of mistakes writting in English, but like you do that and don't be scare, i can't be too!!!