segunda-feira, 4 de outubro de 2010

new start?!

hey people... here i am again, after a long time that i wrote here im back lol...ok lets go to the facts

i was dating again, now i have a bf... my sweet baby lol... thats the pic from last wednesday, it was his bday n we went to eat sushi near his house.. ahh he lives near me, 15 min

other fact.. i know which college i wanna study next year, is one near here, where i live, because even if im not going to stay here with my host family, i love this area n this place n for sure that i wanna study near her, n the college is pretty good too, now i just have to decide which major ill study and have my toelf test lol (which is going to be soon)

ahhh about the toefl... is going to be on oct30.. 1 day before halloween n ill have this weekend of, not because of my test, but because on the saturday is going to have one of the biggest raves here in usa... n what is better than going to the best party after a crazy test.... is going to be awesome (ah n maybe this weekend ill go to a mini rave in my bf town uhhu), im back to the techno music yay

omg is almost going to be 1year n 8 months that im here, noooo i dont wanna go back home, but now im kind of ok with the idea, because i know that ill come back here

almost forgot to say, finally the Maroon 5 concert is going to be this friday, after 3 months waiting ill see my perfect guys lol

ohh well is pretty much this...
love u all guys/girls xoxo bye

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**jOsi** disse...

OOi Carool:) Q bom q tah tudo bem! Mtu fofos vcs dois :) Se cuiida!