terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2012


the more i say i wont let this thing without post... less i post in here

ouch that sucks....

ok I don't know why I decided to write in English.. but whatever... ok just one thing..... I'M ON VACATION and that's so good... is like God is showing that I can still relax during the year, and special after studying like a crazy person....

so much has happened... I went to Ana's house (my girl from here and there and everywhere) for about a week. It was to celebrate that my vacation had begun. We played a lot card games, drank a lot, had fun and parties lol.. we also went to the zoo and OMG, her car broke down, the battery was soooo freaking dead, it was scary (she says that is fixed now uhhu)... ahhhh I don't know if I said anything but my boy moved here and it was crazy..... almost 15h driving in a car, stopping all the time for coffee, pee, coke and pee again, but the places that we had to go through was amazing. So it has been almost a month that he is here...

I'm still looking for job, but I worked a little for a Brazilian girl and her kids, was mainly her 2 years old boy.... he is sooooo cute..... The good thing now is that I'm allowed to work, part time on college, which is better than nothing.

"Summer" season has started and I'm trying to get a nice color.... I'm still on the red color on my back, but the front part is nice =) give me a month =)

Mom is coming to stay here for 2 months... the alllllll 2 months lol, its going to be crazy but it will be fun, at least I'll get home and food will be ready... so I was thinking, we really need a bigger place, sooo, because my lease will be over in August, we will sign a new one in a new apt, here in the same complex building because we like, but a place that is a little bigger and has an extra bedroom.

Barbara is going away, Ana is going away, my Mexican girls are going away.... and I'm staying, that sucks but is life so it's time for me to start looking for the idea of making more and new friends =)\

have a great day everyone (if someone still reads this), its almost 8:30 with this wonderful sun,..... I'm going to enjoy it -p


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