quinta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2010


yeap those things just happen with me...

halloween was wonderful.... i took my test in the morning, after the test came home n got ready to go to the rave... the halloween rave.... it was awesome... ok the journey.... 1h in traffic, than my friend needed to pee, stop on gas station n no bathroom, so he made pee near the car, when we got there, traffic to stop, 30 min in 1 line, got our tickets, more 30 min in the other line huhaua.. ok the all night was cool, but i was with hills so one time i said.. i dont give fuck .... i took off my shoes n was just with socks lol,,, i stepped on cigarettes so burned my foot lol

ok came home n in the next morning my foot was baddddd, because was burned... sunday night i went trick or treating with the kids n was cool, ate toooooo much candy got a stomachache lol

monday i was sooo happy that i was going to work until noon, because after was sleeping time lol but the body soreee... at night i went to the gym, n yay now ill get thin again lol

tuesday... the worse day ever... during the day was ok.. i worked 11h =s because my host mom was late but its fine... the problem come now... i went to the gym to do that evaluation n omg i told the trainer i have BAD back, because of injury, n since i was 5... he killed me.. i was just a little sore on that day, but omg...
wed... i couldnt walk or move my back... or sit or stand... took pills for the pain n nothing helped, i tried everything and nothing

today (thursday) i still have a lot pain, the same pain, serious that guy tried to kill me lol... the funny thing is... i was going to pay for personal training but NOPE not any more, i dont want somebody trying to kill me n is toooo expensive, tomorrow ill go cancel the personal training

no more classes, probably today ill go to the school n get my teacher's signature for the classes uhhu

well pretty much this!!!

have a great day people, because im sore lol

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