segunda-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2008

Time zone

Oh my God

time zone makes anyone crazy!!!

here in brazil I'm on summer time zone... but I have friends with different time zone:

udo (germany) +4 hours (my best friend)
kennie and milla (USA) -3 hours (au pair)
paulinha (my little pony lol USA) -4 hours (au pair)
gabi (USA) -6 hours (my cousin)

ohhhh my God again....
this is not easy ok... is not easy remember all different time zone... but I like this crazy world (kkkk)

Hey... asap I'll have good news... I know (but I don't know when kkkkk)

Kisses dear friends

Kennia.... califa ein... uhhhuuu .... pompom (I don't know what is the name from pompom in english kkk) for you
Kelly.. I need to talk to you my dear friend

3 comentários:

Megan disse...

udo (germany) +4 hours (my best friend)
best friend???? hey my friend tell us the true! hahahahah....

Carol future au pair disse...

eita boiei pro comentario kkkkkk

Kelly Durst disse...

Hi Dear!

I'm hereeeeeeeeee
- 5 hours.

And also, i have something for you in my blog!