sábado, 16 de julho de 2011

i am surviving not living

yes, im not enjoying my life, im only surviving it.... doing many thing, more than i should, helping here, helping there, working a lot, not having any fun time, n now my mom is back from the hospital n is being soooo stubborn, doenst want to stay still, or quiet n because of this i wont have any time to think...... i worked the all day n got home n didnt stop for not even 1 sec, i stopped some min ago because im really tired n starting to get sick, my throat is hurting a lot....

i have 2 parties to go today, but my mom doesnt want me to leave her, remember stubborn (because her friend that did the same surgery suggested to her to stay in her house, but my mom said no), so i wont go to the parties that i told her about it 3 weeks ago n already paid... but i dont care, tomorrow i have an au pair meeting here in campinas (again) n ill go

well thats it, im tired n ill go
n i wanted to write in english lol, have a good day to all

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